Asian Beetle Control

Fall Invaders
Asian Lady Beetles, Cluster Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Asian Beetle ControlAsian beetle control treatment will prevent fall invaders who come looking for a place to overwinter. Fall invaders typically show up from September until the end of October. They tend to congregate in corners of walls and ceilings, windowsills, and door jambs.

Fall invaders like to stay the winter in your walls. On sunny winter days as the walls warm up and get them moving, they can be seen crawling along the walls and windowsills. An exterior fall treatment is an excellent way to keep them from overwintering in your home.

The following steps will be taken during your Asian Beetle Control / Fall Invader service

Treat the entire exterior of your home and/or buildings focusing around the doors, windows, and soffits.