Bat Exclusion

Bat ExclusionBat exclusion safely eliminates bats from your home or building. Bats are generally harmless, but can sometimes carry diseases, additionally, their droppings can be toxic to humans and pets causing mild to severe illnesses.

Many bat species are federally protected by the Endangered Species Act, meaning it's illegal to possess, injure, or kill bats. To ensure the safe exclusion of bats from your home or building, we install one-way bat cones that allow bats to exit, but not re-enter.

The following steps will be taken during your bat exclusion service

We'll inspect the attic for evidence of bats.


We'll find the entry points where bats are accessing your home or building and install a one-way bat cone that allows bats to exit, but not re-enter. 


After we've determined bats are no longer in your home or building, we'll remove the bat cone and seal the entry points.