Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug TreatmentBed bug treatment will eradicate these pesky little creatures from your home in just 3 insecticide treatments. While they're called bed bugs, they can be found in multiple areas of your home – generally within 8 feet of where you most commonly spend time – like couches, chairs, beds, etc.

Bed Bugs are hitchhikers, meaning that they won't just invade your home – they have to be attached to clothing or an item you bring into your home. If you're unfortunate enough to have picked up one along your travels, you may experience an infestation. Around 50% of people are affected by their bites, which are most common at night because they typically feed in the early morning hours.

The following steps will be taken during your Bed Bug Treatment Service

Prep sheet will be given to you in preparation for the service.


A typical bed bug treatment will focus on problem areas – such as your bed mattress, box spring, nightstands, dressers, couches, chairs, and baseboards throughout your home.