Mice Extermination

Mice, Rat, Rodent Control

Mice ExterminationMice extermination will prevent mice from entering your home and/or buildings – allowing you to live comfortably without unwanted guests. Fall is a prime time for mice to try to find a warm spot to nest, and given the fact that one female can have up to 150 babies per year, you want to ensure your home isn't where she decides to stay for the winter.

Rodents can be very destructive to personal property. They are also prime carriers for dangerous pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites. These critters may carry diseases that are transmittable to both humans and pets.

The following steps will be taken during your mice extermination and/or rodent control service

Inspection of the interior and exterior of the home looking for rodent entry points.

Seal Openings

We'll patch, plug and seal areas smaller than baseball size openings.

Discuss Options

Discuss options for eradication and repairs if necessary.